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Spring Sneeze Remedies

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Spring Sneeze Remedies


Springtime will be with us before we know it. I do love a good snow fall but I think I've been maxed out.  So as I dream of the flowers and preparing my garden, I also know the reality of Spring. I sneeze my way through it. So we called upon Amanda Odmark, a holistic wellness counselor, to help us negate the sneezes this year naturally and effectively.

Amanda will be teaching a Spring Renewal class with Straw and Gold on March 5th. Be sure to sign up!

There is a thick, icy blanket of snow on the ground right now in Brooklyn, but Spring is just around the corner. Spring is a natural time for growth and change, for renewal and cleansing.  Plants are bursting out of the ground, tiny and new and the brightest green. It’s my favorite season - the days get brighter and warmer and the most unassuming trees burst forth with hundreds of bright pink blossoms. And pollen. Lots and lots of pollen.

The pollen exploding off of the beautiful blooming trees and flowers can make being outside a challenge, but I have a few natural + edible helpers that ease the sneeze(s).


This is tried and true for many, but always worth mentioning! For those of us affected by pollen, eating raw local honey on a regular basis can help our bodies acclimate to the pollen. To be effective, the honey should be native to your area so you can get some of that local pollen. Raw honey is the best option to look for as it has not been pasteurized and therefore maintains its natural antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. (Note: Not recommended for children under the age of 2.)


These rich and large nuts contain the highest level of selenium of any food!  Selenium is an antioxidant that helps protect against cancer and heart disease, and it also happens to to reduce allergies and inflammation.  Brazil nuts are also a good source of protein and unsaturated fats--but a little goes a long way. 3 to 4 Brazil nuts provide the maximum daily recommended selenium intake.  (If Brazil nuts aren't your thing, selenium can also be found in whole grains, seaweed, beans and legumes, broccoli, garlic and mushrooms.)


In addition to easing allergies and headaches, this very soothing tea helps calm anxiety, stress and insomnia. (Note: Not recommended for pregnant women.)

For more info on feeling your best in the spring, come take my Spring Renewal Workshop in Red Hook, Brooklyn on March 5th, hosted by Straw and Gold!

For more details + tickets, visit Spring Renewal Workshop.

Amanda Odmark is a holistic wellness counselor based in Brooklyn, NY. Visit www.amandaodmark.com for more information.