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Into the Life of Flint Outdoors' Matt Katsaros

The Stories

Into the Life of Flint Outdoors' Matt Katsaros


Flint Outdoors' is one of our favorite spots to see what's next in the maker culture. For Straw and Gold, Flint Outdoors created custom aprons. Depending on what Matt currently has in his dye bath, these dyes come from kitchen scraps (like yellow onion skins and avocado pits) or materials foraged from SF backyards (like Redwood acorns, Eucalyptus leaves, Pine bark, and Fennel). No matter what the dye, the aprons are left with beautifully natural colors.

We wanted to pick Matt Katsaros' creative brain to see what exactly inspired him. With very little words necessary, we were able to feel his warmth through his photos.  A life of the outdoors, good (and funny) friends, art and just living life large is Flint. We can just taste that fresh air.  Here's a glimpse into his life.

All photos by Matt


This is my buddy Connor and I halfway through converting a 25' 1984 Toyota Dolphin RV into a flatbed truck.


One of my biggest inspirations is this dude, Jay Nelson.  Here's a shot of him moving one of his sculptures on my finished truck.

Total inspiration was participating (very slightly) and viewing the Creative Growth Fashion Show.  What a wild and positive time.

Classic California coastlines and Sierras.  Growing up in California has completely shaped my point of view - I love the ocean and the mountains and I selfishly get to have some of the best of both here in California


Process shot of me grabbing some plant materials in one of my roll tops to be used for some natural dyes


This dude. Mentor in all things creative and mind/body/soul opening. Drew Bennett.  Part painter/drawer. Part fine woodworker. Part carpenter. Part curator. All wild. So much energy bursting out of this guy.  Here's a shot of him getting loose in a public outdoor shower I helped him build for an exhibit called The Possible at the Berkeley Art Museum.


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