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A shop for well made, handcrafted goods by artists and makers curated by Lauren Musacchio. 

The Stories

Mom, We LOVE you SO!


Every day calls for a celebration of mothers. Mother's Day is just that extra day out of the year to show them just how thankful you are for their love. We know that sometimes it's tough to find the perfect words that show just how thankful, how appreciative and how lucky we are to have our mamas, so let the S+G team do the talkin'.

Not only does your mom deserve the best, she deserves something that is unique, special and made with love. Every Straw and Gold gift for Mom includes a handmade card and special gift-wrapping. We had our own mama shop around Straw and Gold and pick out some of her favorite pieces:

Ouroboros Earrings by Spark and Pepper:
The ouroboros earrings are exclusively made for Straw and Gold. These elegant earrings are made from casted recycled brass. They are the perfect touch of sophistication that will fit into your mother's everyday wear. 

Ouroboros Earrings
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Plant Dyed Scarf in Peach by Botanika
You can never go wrong with a silk scarf - this one especially. It's simply elegant, smooth to the touch and completely natural. Made out of plant based dyes, (this particular one is made out of the madder plant) this scarf is a lifetime piece. 

Plant Dyed Silk Scarf
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Everyday Cloth by A Little Weather 
An everyday cloth is exactly what you might think - it's a cloth that can be used for just about anything.  Use as fancy napkins, dry your favorite dishes, keep in your purse or pocket to delicately dry or dab as you please!  This piece was completely made by hand: hand-spun, handwoven, hand-dyed and hand-sewn. Your mama will appreciate all the hard work that went into this beauty! 

4.  The Saddle Bag by Sara Barner
This Saddle Bag by Sara Barner is the absolute ideal gift for your mama.  Made out of a smooth English Bridle leather, this piece is durable, stylish, versatile and simply perfect. After all those late-night pickups and crying sessions she's been put through - give her something that she deserves. 

Black Saddle Bag
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Medium Brown Saddle Bag
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5. Himalayan Bath Salts by Mullein and Sparrow 
Being a mother means putting up with EVERYTHING and having little time for relaxation.  Encourage your mom to take a little spa-like break from all the hard work with these Himalayan Bath Salts. The scent: completely intoxicating, the effects: complete relaxation, the benefits: replenish vital elements and nutrients to the body, remove toxins and aid in the relief of muscles, nerves and joints. Not only does it work, it also looks pretty! Give her the little push for  some pampering. 

Himalayan Bath Salts
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