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A shop for well made, handcrafted goods by artists and makers curated by Lauren Musacchio. 


The Stories

Meet the Maker: Tito the Spoonmaker; Woodworking


Alberto Hogan "Tito"  has always been an artist with a passion for testing new mediums.  While he has explored drawing, painting and designing, Alberto now works as a local woodcarver in the heart of Dublin City, Ireland. Using only locally sourced wood and hand tools, he reduces his environmental impact while simultaneously creating rare pieces.

This love for art and creativity carried on through Alberto's adolescence and into college where he studied multimedia and animation. With this new knowledge and experience of digital mediums he went on to work freelancing in various computer graphic roles such as, graphic design, 3d architectural modelling and conceptual arts. It was around 2009 that Alberto began to take a strong interest in self-sufficiency and sustainability which led him to learn more traditional skills like Permaculture and Bushcraft. It was through these experiences that he got a taste for wood carving.

Alberto has crafted a series of birch wood spoons for Straw and Gold. All pieces are carved by hand.  The wood is sourced from his family's property in Ireland and/or collected from fallen trees in the local area. 


Meet the Maker: Alchemy Home Co.; Perfumery


Whether transforming a snippet of poetry into perfume or turning a worn-out idiom into an expressive scent, Alchemy Home Company creates distinct fragrances with meaning.  Each perfume is crafted from natural, wild-harvested botanical materials and oils and comes with a personalized story.  

Stacy Giovannucci considers herself born half mermaid, half wild thing and is immersed in the joys of creating–dance, painting, design, and folk tradition. Sarah Eynon brings a different eclecticism to Alchemy.  Born among Texan sagebrush and desert flower, she is part Cherokee with a love for all things French.  The Author of Alchemy’s “scent stories”, Andrea Talarico, is Lebanese, Irish, and Italian.  Her diverse heritage conspires a gypsy soul who is in constant search for secret stacks of dusty old books.

Alchemy was born out of Stacy’s dream to re-sensualize our lives through scent, but it requires all three Alchemy girls to produce these magical potions and perfumes.

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Meet the Maker: Kiel Mead; Metalwork


Born and raised just east of the midwest, Kiel Mead got rather used to ordinary things. Soon enough, after relocating to Brooklyn, NY, he recognized that while most of the everyday objects we see do not change on their own, our perception and appreciation of them varies greatly in terms of the nostalgic imprints they leave in our minds. Out of matchsticks, car keys, previously chewed gum, string and even onomatopoeias, Kiel fashions jewelry which is overtly non-descript into pieces of desire. His approach to design wields results both remarkable and unexpected. Kiel's innovative designs have been featured in magazines, museums and myriad web sites.

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Meet the Maker: Trincar Uvas; Jewelry Design


Behind the native inspired jewelry line is the voice of Joana Pedroso.  Born in Portugal and currently residing in the Netherlands, she lovingly makes all of her pieces by hand. While designing and crafting, she uses simple, ancient, materials and techniques. Joana is not only inspired by her love for nature, art and good company, but also by the feeling that tribal and folk arts evoke. 

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Meet the Maker: Canoe Goods; Leather Goods


Founded in 2009, Canoe Goods is inspired by vintage workwear, well-worn boots, and Outlaw country music. Crafted by Natalie Davis, the line explores pattern through tooled, carved, burned, and hand-dyed leather accessories, from jewelry to home wares. Natalie is a graphic designer, artist, and educator who has been crafting goods from a young age. She received her BA in Design|Media Arts from UCLA and her MFA in 2-D Design from Cranbrook. In 2007, she launched Miss Natalie, a home goods line, based on her love of pattern and tactile design. She is a proud member of the Longhorn Trail Leather Guild of Austin, TX and teaches workshops on leather tooling. Together with Abby Powell Thompson, Natalie curated and organized Feliz in 2012, a weekend celebration of handmade, featuring artist-led workshops and a holiday sale in Austin, TX. Canoe Goods is crafted with a sartorial eye and workhorse materials to last a lifetime, and is proudly made in the USA.