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Supporting Bath And Massage Oil

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supporting bath and massage oil .jpg

Supporting Bath And Massage Oil


Made by Kadria Skincare

The hormone harmonising Evening Primrose carries the Clary Sage oil in our bath and massage oil making it ideal for use in labour. Not only will the Lavender and Frankincense promote peace and an inner calm, the unique blend will balance your mood and allow any extra stress to float away. Used by a partner during labour it will alleviate pain and support the body as it experiences the most magical journey of your life, alternatively added to warm water it soothes, supports and comforts at the time when you need it most.

Suitable to use from 37 weeks of pregnancy and beyond.

100 ml

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About Kadria Skincare:

Kadria Skincare is an all natural skincare line specifically for a pregnant woman or a new mother.  At Kadria (Arabic for ‘power’), the team prides their efforts upon instilling confidence, and using the long Middle-Eastern tradition of the power of plants, we hope to bring about peace of mind with an ethical skin caring range.

Being mindful of the origin of Kadria's ingredients is of the utmost importance. The line believes in responsible farming and sourcing and where possible we get our ingredients from fairly traded sources. There is no animal testing and all products are biodegradable and recyclable.

Kadria believes small is beautiful.  The products contain natural, organic  and sometimes fragile ingredients so are handcrafted in small batches – as close to the point of sale as possible. This way, you will always receive Kadria Skincare as fresh as possible, taking full advantage of the wonderful naturally-occurring active ingredients within the products.  But don’t worry, even though a little goes a long way you can use our products up to 6 months from opening.

Kadria uses raw materials such as vegetable oils and waxes, essential oils and CO2 extracts, all chosen for their high safety profile and benefit for a mother and child’s sensitive skin. The team has meticulously researched the properties and safety issues of all of our ingredients to ensure they are suitable for pregnant women and infants.  Moreover all of our products have been assessed for safety by an independent safety assessor so you can rest assured that they are safe for the whole family.