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Maryanne Moodie

Brooklyn, NY 

In 2010, Australian native Maryanne Moodie took up weaving as a creative outlet. In 2013, she moved from Melbourne to New York, where she continues to grow - completing commission, collections and projects for commercial and private clients. Drawing from her background in contemporary art, couture and architecture, she imbues her weavings with her nostalgia for days gone by with new and surprising results. Playing with textures, like really loosely spun single-ply yarn and Pima Cotton with it’s incredible metallic sheen, her weavings are visually elaborate yet seem almost effortless. She finds her inspirations by looking through art books and visiting galleries. She has a special affinity for textile artists who use color like Nick Cave and Ted Sabarse, and loves the crazy traditional and native fancy dress costumes caught on film by Phyllis Galembo. To Maryanne, “[Weaving] is like colouring in with yarn - except that the colouring can come at you and off the page. It feels free and wild. Anything is possible. I love that.”

                           Maryanne Moodie