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Frazer Parfum

Natural Perfumes
Cape Town, South Africa

Following in her family’s fragrant footsteps, Tammy Frazer of Frazer Parfum creates organic and natural perfume products in a small perfume house in South Africa. Her grandfather Graham Wulff, a chemist and inventor, created Oil of Olay in 1953. Her father worked at Swiss perfume powerhouse Givaudan, and both her aunt and uncle pioneered the introduction of Homeopathy in South Africa. As head of the house, Tammy personally creates all the perfumes by hand, only working with natural and organic raw materials personally sourced based on quality from farmers around the world. Unlike most perfume houses, Frazer Parfum doesn’t use any synthetic molecules or chemicals. Each perfume consists solely of rare absolutes, concretes and resins coupled with chemotyped essential oils, petals, woods, roots, grass and zest. Each perfume she develops springs from her experience.“ The way in which I compose a perfume starts with a place. Take Corsica. Arriving on the island with my camera in hand I began to document visually what I saw. Colour, the architecture, the light and the vibrancy of life. I considered the weather conditions, how it impacts on the people. I considered the soil types and the ocean currents, the plant life. Next I met with the farmers to understand their methods of harvesting and distillation.”