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A shop for well made, handcrafted goods by artists and makers curated by Lauren Musacchio. 


Aruña Chong-Quiroga is the founder and designer of Faburiq, a men’s accessories line made from heritage Japanese Kimono Fabrics based in Boston. As a Malaysian transplant, and having lived in three continents, Aruña has always been drawn to each culture’s traditional textiles and fashions. Raised in a family that immensely treasures tradition and family heirlooms, she noticed it was rare to find sentimental value, heirloom quality, purpose, and durability, in the goods that we use and purchase in today’s mass-produced, retail driven society. Aruña draws her inspiration from the meticulousness in almost every facet of Japanese life, while still retaining ancient traditions in a contemporary, avant-garde society. The fabrics for her pieces are sourced in Japan, then designed and proudly handcrafted in the USA.

Faburiq’s pieces reflect an immersion of Japanese and American cultures through craftsmanship, highlighting the unique work of the skilled textile designer that created the fabric, with the lost art of hand-sewn tailored finishes. Faburiq’s devotion to outstanding craftsmanship and classical tailoring to match those fabrics is unquestionable. The end product is a result of reacquainting an Eastern fabric with the longstanding New England textile industry. Since starting Faburiq, Aruña’s understanding of Japanese fabrics, its history and culture, has grown tremendously. It is a privilege and humbling at the same time to learn about their past and how it can relate to us today.



The Daisy Pocket Square

This premium pocket square features daisies with lavender irises against a brown background with light brown specks. 


The Chrysanthemum Pocket Square

Kasuri, a traditional Japanese fabric, is created using individually dyed threads that are skillfully woven into rich patterns. 


The Rose Gold Pocket Square 

A 1980s fabric in rose gold with interwoven designs of flowers & vines. Slightly textured and hand-finished with Baby Hem edges.


The Red Chrysanthemum Pocket Square

Fabric is from the 1960s and is a classic mock-shibori motif with floral groupings. Hand-finished with Baby Hem edges.


The Geometric Flowers Pocket Square

Kasuri, a traditional Japanese fabric,  is created using individually dyed threads that are skillfully woven. Hand-finished.

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Even before Faburiq was official, I knew and wanted Faburiq to resemble and represent my beliefs, which are; respect for tradition and taking cues from the natural world and authenticity, from the handmade and heirlooms.
— Aruña Quiroga